The Chinese Garden is an important part of the Wellington City Council revitalisation of Frank Kitts Park on the Wellington waterfront. Work on the redevelopment on Frank Kitts Park will begin early 2019 with construction of the Chinese Garden of Beneficence planned to commence July 2020.

Invitation 寻求您的捐助

The proposal to build a Chinese garden in Wellington is entering a new phase as resource consent has been granted. We expect the construction of the Garden will commence in the July 2020 provided the Chinese community and general public raises its share of the funds to enable construction to start.

Wellington City Council has secured significant support from sister city relationships with Xiamen and Beijing in China and from other Chinese cities associated with Wellington. The proposal has the endorsement of Chinese President Xi Jinping and New Zealand then Prime Minister John Key, who witnessed the signing of the agreement to build the garden between the Mayors of Xiamen and Wellington.

The Wellington Chinese Garden Society would like to raise $2M as the community’s share of the $6,500,000 project. Therefore, we are actively seeking your financial support as members and supporters of the Chinese and Wellington communities to ensure the funding target is achieved and the Garden of Beneficence is completed.

We are hugely excited about the prospect of having a Chinese garden in our capital city, a significant social, cultural and political symbol of our part in the creation of modern New Zealand society, and our hopes and aspirations for the future. We need your support to bring this project to fruition.

I urge you to give generously and think of the legacy and benefits this garden will provide, and how it will influence our future generations to a better understanding of our Chinese culture. The Chinese garden It is not only for you but your children and their children to follow.

Yours sincerely

Harvey Wu







惠灵顿惠园协会主席: 吴义源

vision 建园宗旨

Welcome to the Chinese Garden in Wellington!

This garden truly symbolizes the meeting of many peoples – all New Zealanders and visitors from overseas. It overlooks the sea – a symbolic reaching out to the world beyond. On our vibrant waterfront it will be an added tourist attraction complementing Te Papa and Te Wharewaka o Poneke. This garden is a gift to the city for the enjoyment of all and a legacy for future generations.


First proposed in 1996, this unique garden will be sited on the capital’s waterfront in Frank Kitts Park, after much preliminary work by the Wellington Chinese Garden Society and the Wellington City Council. Along with support from sister cities Xiamen and Beijing, friendly city Tianjin and partner province Zhejiang, you now have an opportunity to help bring this project to fruition.

In 1869, a tea garden to be built in Ohiro Road by “some natives of the Flowery Land” was mentioned in the Australian – New Zealand Gazette (24 Jul 1869), showing that Wellington has been home to Chinese people for nearly 150 years. Indeed, there are long-established Chinese families in the city who are 6th or 7th generation New Zealanders. The history of this community is integral to the history of Wellington – a people who made significant contributions to the development and prosperity of the city and the country. The Chinese community celebrates this connection with the building of a Chinese garden as a tangible expression of their presence. Throughout the years of discriminatory legislation, the Chinese community maintained its family values, strong work ethic and appreciation of education. The community is now well-established and integrated into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural New Zealand, living together with tangata whenua and tau iwi. In the last 30 years, new settlers from China and other countries have enriched the community and that story too is told in the journey through the Garden.

Your generous support will help to make this a reality.


惠园象征着各国人民(新西兰民众及海外宾客)的大团结。惠园俯瞰大海,代表性的伸展引向外面的世界。这座园林衬托着国家博物馆 (Te Papa)和多功能活动中心(Te Wharewaka o Poneke),将为我们充满活力的海滨创建另一个旅游亮点。惠园是赠与惠灵顿的一份大礼,也是留给子孙后代的传承。


惠园的最初提案始于1996年。经过惠灵顿园林协会和惠灵顿市政府大量初步的准备工作,这座独特的园林将坐落于首都海滨的弗兰克 •基茨公园 (Frank Kitts Park)。跟中国姐妹城市厦门和北京、友好城市天津、合作伙伴浙江省一起,您现在也有机会为惠园的落成添砖加瓦。

1869年7月4日,澳大利亚 ­- 新西兰公报 (Australian-New Zealand Gazette) 提到, “数位来自花之都的异乡人”将在 Ohiro Road 建一座茶园。可见,华人以惠灵顿为家已有近一百五十年的历史。事实上,本地有不少长期扎根在这里的第六或第七代的新西兰华人家族。华社的历史和惠灵顿的历史环环相扣。他们为这座城市和国家的发展及繁荣做出了显著的贡献。华社将借这座园林来体现先人的足迹和他们与这片土地密不可分的联系。

即使生活于遭受法律歧视的年代,历代的华人仍然坚持着其家庭价值观、良好的职业道德和对教育的重视。现在,华社已扎根于这个多民族、多元化的新西兰社会,与本地原住民(tangata whenua) 和其他移民( tau iwi)友好相处。在过去三十年里,来自中国和其他国家的新移民丰富了我们的社会,他们的故事也会在惠园里呈现。


A message from the Ambassador
Wellington Chinese Garden Society

The Wellington Chinese Garden Society was formed some 20 years ago as a germination of a vision to have a Chinese Garden in Wellington. Members of the society are long standing committed members of the Wellington Chinese community and are passionate about creating a symbol of the Chinese contribution to the Capital and New Zealand’s growth as a country.

Kenneth Chan JP, MNZM.
28 January 1925 – 8 May 2016
Founding Chairman,
Honorary President

Ken was the Founding Chairperson of the Society until shortly before his death, retiring when his health became too fragile. He happily accepted the position of Honorary President in order to keep informed and still be part of the project, and he was pleased to know the project was to move forward.

The building of a Chinese Garden inWellingtonwas a long held passion of Ken’s – he and David Fung along with other like-minded members in the community in the 1980’s lobbied for a Chinese Garden to be sited in the Botanic Garden – this proposal was not accepted. Persisting, in 1996 he approached Harvey Wu and the Wellington Chinese Association to help in bringing together the community in the cause.

Over the 20 years, he has led the team through seeking and resolution of a site, the drawing of plans, a number of competitions that involved the inclusion of a Chinese garden, the consultations with experts from our sister cities, city councillors and council officers and all the processes and hoops par for the course.

Kenwas hugely committed to the community and served inmany organizations. Most importantly he was President of the New Zealand Seyip Association for 30 years, chaired the Wellington Chinese Association in the 1970’s and keenly supported multicultural organizations and activities.

Harvey Wu B Com, MNZM, Chairperson

Harvey has been involved with the Society and the Chinese garden project since its inception and was previously its Deputy Chairperson. Hewas previously a partner in KPMG, Chartered Accountants and is currently the Managing Director of a sheet metal manufacturer. Harvey has been involved in Chinese community affairs for many years. He was National President of the New Zealand Chinese Association from 1996-1999, National Secretary from2005 to 2008, President of theWellington Chinese Association from 1999 to 2001, a Founding member of theWellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre and served on its Executive committee formany years. Harveywas instrumental in commencing the dialogue with the Government on the Poll Tax during his term as President of the New Zealand Chinese Association which resulted in the apology from government in 2002 and the establishment of the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust. He was appointed as one of the initial Trustees of the Trust.

Steven Young ME MIPENZ, Deputy Chairperson

Steven is the principal of Steven Young & Associates, Consulting Engineers. Steven is a former National President of the New Zealand Chinese Association, Chair of the Wellington Chinese Community Groups Trust, editor of the “Chinese in New Zealand “web site and President of the Wellington Chinese Association. He has also been involved in Chinese community affairs for many years and was member of the Poll Tax Advisory Panel and amember of the Advisory Board of the VUW Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research. He was also a former Secretary and the Honorary Engineer for the construction of the complex for the Wellington Chinese Sports & Cultural Centre.

Esther Fung ONZM, Secretary

Esther has been Secretary for the project since its initiation, she is also a current Trustee on the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust serving on a second appointment. In her community work over the years she has served as President and as Secretary of the Wellington Chinese Association, Secretary of the New Zealand Chinese Association and on the committee of the Chinese Language School. Wider community service includes: Founding President of the Wellington Xiamen Association, Chair of the Board of Multicultural Learning and Support Services, a Community Trust of Wellington Trustee, former Vice President and Secretary of the Wellington Ethnic Council and a long-time memberof the NZ-China Friendship Society.

Les Foy CA, Treasurer

Les is Managing Principal – Audit & Assurance Services of Crowe Howarth New Zealand, a leading chartered accountancy firm. He has been involved in the community and charities sector for many years. Les is a Trustee for Choirs Aotearoa. He is currently auditor of the Seyip Association of New Zealand, Wellington Chinese Association, New Zealand Chinese Association, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, CCS Disability Action, Sisters of Compassion and many other charitable and social services agencies.


  • Ben Ang
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Weeg Chan
  • Keith Chin
  • Alice Hang
  • David Joe
  • Justine Kohing
  • Robert Lau
  • Jack Ng
  • Rachel Qi
  • Philip Sue
  • Sue Sue
  • Stephen Wang
  • Peter Wong
  • Gordon Wu
  • Henry Yap
  • Malcolm Young
  • Tom Yuan
  • Kevin Zeng
  • Juping Zhou
  • Maggie Zhou
  • Linda Zhang
  • Haibo Li

Honorary Solicitor

  • Michael Chung – Carter Chung Law Office
Partnerships  合作方

The Wellington Chinese Garden Society and Wellington City Council have strengthened the relationships with our sister-cities of Xiamen and Beijing, friendly city Tianjin and partner province Zhejiang. Our government has been able to forge new partnerships here in New Zealand to help to bring the dream of our garden to fruition.

We acknowledge the support we are receiving from ANZ Bank and Te Papa Tongarewa. We also acknowledge the ongoing support of the Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust, Wellington Tenths Trust and the Asian Events Trust who have been vocal advocates of the Garden over many years.

We welcome any organisations wishing to become a supporting partner of the garden to contact us.



我们在此要鸣谢澳新银行以及新西兰国家博物馆对我们的帮助。同时,我们也要鸣谢Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust,Wellington Tenths Trust和Asian Events Trust多年来对我们的一贯大力支持。

Participating Groups

  • New Zealand Chinese Association
  • Wellington Chinese Association
  • New Zealand Chinese Association - Horowhenua-Kapiti Branch.
  • Poon Fah Association of NZ
  • Seyip Association of NZ
  • Tung Jung Association of NZ
  • Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre
  • Wellington New Chinese Friendship Association
  • Wellington Anglican Chinese Mission Church
  • New Zealand Malaysian Society
  • Home Voice Newspaper
  • NZ -China Friendship Society – Wellington Branch
  • Wellington Chinese Language School
  • NZ Bamboo Society
  • Wellington Xiamen Association
  • Wellington Association for the Peaceful Reunification of China
  • Oriental Cultural and Performing Arts Group
  • China and New Zealand Business Council
  • Hot Metal Communications
  • NZ Charitable Association
  • NZ Chinese Cultural & Arts Association
  • Chinese Senior Community
  • Hong Kong - New Zealand Business Association

Contributing companies in China

  • Seashine Group (Xiamen) – A prominent consumer brand in China
  • Xiamen ITG Group – one of China’s top 100 listed companies

Project Management

  • Wellington City Council – City Shaper

Design Team

  • Wraight & Associates
  • Athfield Architects
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Xiamen Municipal Landscape Bureau
  • Beijing Municipal Landscape Bureau
  • Oi Choong - Context Landscape Architects
  • Dean Cato -Design Strategies
  • Charlotte Hird Design
A significant location 绝佳的地理位置
A significant location

Located on the waterfront in Frank Kitts Park, the Chinese Garden enjoys a prime site. It adds to the diversity of interest and activities on the waterfront and is indeed another jewel in the “string of pearls” of interesting spaces and important events so much enjoyed by the people of Wellington and visitors to our city.


Narrative 惠园的故事

Celebrating the Chinese contribution and experience in Wellington and New Zealand, the Garden will become an oasis for everyone on Wellington's popular waterfront. It is a sanctuary in the heart of the capital. It is a symbol of goodwill, social, cultural, political and economic relationships between New Zealand and China.

As a unique and powerful garden in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city the Garden of Beneficence is a modern Chinese garden. The Garden draws on the principles of traditional Chinese garden design and what this means to New Zealand in the 21st century.

It is a place of pride for the Chinese community, expressing their belonging as New Zealanders. It is a gift to the people of Wellington and New Zealand for the enjoyment of all.

The Garden is comprised of a series of spaces each with a special character.

As visitors journey through the garden, the story of the Chinese people’s past, present and hopes for the future in New Zealand unfolds.

The meaning and symbolism of each space is interpreted in bi-lingual graphic panels ensuring that visitors understand the over-arching vision that the garden embodies.







The pai Lau 牌楼
The pai Lau

A simple and elegant three arch Pai Lau, in keeping with the environment, on the forecourt heralds the presence of the garden and invites your entry. Named the Gate of Friendship, the Pai Lau will be inscribed with a poem.


Heaven's Well 天井
Heaven's well

A simple and elegant three arch Pai Lau, in keeping with the environment, on the forecourt heralds the presence of the garden and invites your entry. Named the Gate of Friendship, the Pai Lau will be inscribed with a poem.

Heaven's well



Gallery for Calming the Waves 天安澜廊井
Heaven's well

The Gallery for Calming the Waves has lattice-windowed walls. Through the windows on the north side, the Gallery garden and the open park space are seen. The path up this gallery leads to the top of the garden and through the inner windows the delights of traditional Chinese garden landscape can be seen.

透过“安澜廊”北墙的窗格, 游客们可以观赏到“安澜廊”花园以及开阔的园林空间。沿着“安澜廊”步升,来到惠园的制高点,游客们可从“安澜廊”内侧窗格将这座中国传统园林之美景尽收眼底。

Chamber for Retelling the Pastl 述往室
Heaven's well

The Chamber for Retelling the Past may be entered from the Gallery, and here the plantings and landscape evoke the traditional Chinese garden – a memory of the homeland and the culture which has been left behind. In this chamber the path meanders along the water's edge, over the bridges, past the waterfall, leading to the classical poem sculpture, a present from a Mayor of Xiamen, and to other delights.

Heaven's well


Gallery for Calming the Waves 思来室
Heaven's well

The Chamber for Contemplating the Future, it is here the plantings and design integrate Chinese and New Zealand elements, symbolizing integration and acceptance by the wider community as New Zealanders.

The harbour lies before us at the top of the Garden. The sea connects us to China and to the wider world.

Besides the journeying there are spaces for contemplation. As well as walking through a garden we like to sit, to rest, to think, to chat and enjoy time with friends, this too we can do here.




Pool of Still Waters 止水池
pool of Still Waters's well

The contour of the land rises and at this higher level, one may pause in quiet reflection gazing into the Pool of Still Waters


The Tea Pavilion 茶阁
The Tea Pavilion

A symbol of the past, acknowledgement of the present and a powerful evocation of the future.


A few steps on - we can relax in the Tea Pavilion another gift from Xiamen - a fitting and pleasurable end to our journey. The pavilion would be a unique and interesting centre serving as a venue for Asian events and functions. The legend of this journey resonates for many people who choose to make a new home in another land. This garden is an enduring allegory of that journey, and a place for future generations to come - to remember and to reflect.




How Much will it Cost? 建造费用

The Chinese Garden’s assessed cost of construction is $6,500,000 and is being funded as follows:

Estimated value of contribution from Xiamen and other Chinese cities $2,000,000
Funding from major corporates and other investors $3,500,000
Wellington Chinese Garden Society funding target $1,000,000
Total Construction Cost$6,500,000

Wellington’s sister city Xiamen has agreed to supply the majority of the materials for the above ground construction and also some specialised input into the construction. Other sister cities have also contributed by supplying Chinese structures, such as the Pai Lau and funding to assist in the resource consent application.

*It is anticipated the garden cost will increase as a result of delays. New costings are being worked on.


中国厦门和其它城市资助 200万新元
主要商家和其他投资方赞助 350万新元
惠灵顿园林协会指定的集资目标 100万新元
总建造费用 650万新元


How you can Help  您的捐款方式

The Wellington Chinese Garden Society invites all Chinese families, businesses, societies and organisations, as well as the general public, to donate generously in order to bring the Garden of Beneficence into reality. It is important that we as a community contribute significantly to the building of this garden.

By donating now, you will enable us to reach our fundraising target and to commence construction as soon as possible. Alternatively, a pledge can be made now to donate with payment deferred until the beginning of the construction phase. However, a delay in raising funds will impact on the timeframeof the project.

We will acknowledge all donations and they will be held in a separate Trust account until construction commences. For donations of $1,000 or more, a Donor Recognition Panel will be placed at the entrance to the Garden. We encourage you to consider contributing generously to this permanent legacy. The Wellington Chinese Garden Society is a registered charity (# CC 23341). All donations accompanied by a donation form will be receipted and are eligible for a tax credit.

Donor recognition levels

Platinum $10,000
Gold $5,000

How to donate or pledge your support

If you are making a donation complete the donation or pledge form.

Then either

By post, send the completed form and your cheque to:

Wellington Chinese Garden Society
P.O. Box 17077
Wellington 6147


By internet banking, please deposit your donation in the Society’s ANZ bank account:


Or, post the completed donation form to the above address with the date of your donation.

If you are making a pledge send or email the completed form to the above address.





铂金级 $10,000
黄金级 $5,000
银级 $2,000





Wellington Chinese Garden Society
P.O. Box 17077
Wellington 6147


网上转账请将募捐资金存入本协会澳新银行的帐户: 06-0507-0009266-05

  • 请在Payee Reference处填上您的全名。
  • 把捐赠详情发邮件至:, 注明您的姓名,地址和捐赠数额。或者把填好的捐款表寄到上述地址,注明捐款日期。

您若准备作捐款承诺, 请填好本手册里的捐款或捐款承诺表。把表格通过电子邮件或用上述地址寄给我们。